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Airbus A380 history

Airbus A380 history

The Airbus A380 was designed and built by Airbus SAS (EADS Systems), is the largest commercial airliner in history. The plane, often called superjumbo, made its maiden flight on April 27, 2005 in Toulouse, France.
The A380 took more than ten years and about 12 billion euros to develop.

The certification of the Airbus A380 was taken on December 12, 2006 issued by the FAA and EASA, performed by seven aircraft certification schemes in the ground and in flight, completed in November 30, 2006, and led by 800 test pilots from Airbus and buying companies, and began commercial flights in the last quarter of 2007.
The first airline company to have an Airbus A380 is Singapore Airlines.

The giant airplane made ​​its maiden flight in late April 2006, and was the star of the Paris Air Show, in Le Ourget airfield on the outskirts of Paris (France).

September 4, 2006 - An A380 with 474 employees of EADS made ​​its first flight with passengers leaving and returning to the city of Toulouse in France in order to verify the in-flight services.

The A380's maiden flight took place on 25 October 2007 between Singapore and Sydney.
It takeoff from Changi Airport at 08:16 (01:16 GMT), with 455 passengers aboard, and landed in Sydney at 8:23 (GMT).
Singapore Airlines sell the tickets in a charity auction and donated nearly two million dollars for Lung Cancer Association of Singapore, children's hospitals in Sydney and to the ONG, Doctors Without Borders.

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